Buy TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor with IR Filter White RGB LED Resistor for Arduino UNO R3 Mega


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You can power the breakout with 3-5VDC safely and level shifting for the I2C pins so they can be used with 3.3V or 5V logic Arduino Wiring:
5V -> VIN
Note: On older Arduinos such as the Duemilanove and pre R3 UNOs, SDA is on Analog 4 and SCL is on Analog 5.
On pre-R2 Megas, SDA is on Digtital 20 and SCL is on digital 21.
For the Leonardo, SDA is digital pin 2 and SCL is digital pin 3.
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Package Included:
1 X TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor
1 X Pin Header
1 X Common anode RGB LED
1 X 1K Resistor
2 X 560R Resistors

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