Buy 7' Inch Non-stick Springform Bundt Pan 2-In-1 for Use With 6QT or 8QT Electric Pressure Cookers and Air Fryers

Manufacturer:Home Pressure Cooking

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Features :

  • THE FIRST AND ORIGINAL INSTA-PAN on the market.**BONUS INCLUDED: Custom cleaning tool, and 10 pack parchment liners. 7' inch TWO in ONE Spring form/BUNDT pan.

Home Pressure cooking trusted brand with 24/7 customer service. NOTE: I do not market this pan or list it as LEAKPROOF. In my experience, all Spring form pans can leak marginally or a tad. I always recommend using tin foil on the outer bottom of the pan to ensure if any leakage, you will not have it in your oven, or pot. This is a two in one pan. Spring form. The bundt portion of the pan is NOT as tight as the flat piece. Use with caution and tin foil on the outer bottom. Tips Always assemble your spring-form pan on a flat surface. This will prevent any bending or damage to the base and any ridge at the bottom of the rim that helps insure against leaks. Before clasping your spring-form rim, make sure the base is sitting properly in any ridge or edge at the bottom of the rim. Line the outside of the pan with aluminum foil to help keep batter from leaking out, Expect all spring form pans to leak a bit, especially if you're using a very light batter. And the more intricate the design of the spring form pan, the more likely it will leak. It's normal, so take the above mentioned precautions and line the outside bottom of your pan. Line the base with parchment paper before you start baking, instead of having to serve your cake on the spring-form base. When baked, remove the spring-form sides and slide the parchment lined cake off the base and onto a serving plate. Or replace the metal base with a parchment-lined piece of cardboard of the same size, and you can give away the cake and not worry about losing your metal base. Store your spring form pans fully assembled, and neatly stowed to prevent denting.

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